Tailored Group Tours & Guest Speakers

Our tours are individually designed to suit individual group needs. We offer tailored 1,2 and 3 Day tours for church groups, educational organisations and private groups covering the country from Boston to Retford, Scrooby and even York. We are happy to arrange food, accommodation, and local transport as required. We list some tour ideas below to give you some ideas.  However our groups tours are individually tailored to suit your particular interests & needs.

For all groups staying in our region, we offer the chance to share fellowship with local churches and get to know the region’s Christians today – the inheritors of the great men and women of faith who have gone before us.

We can also provide a guest speaker for local history, national conferences or church events to talk about Christian history and heritage. If you are interested in arranging a group tour or booking a guest speaker for your event, please contact us to find out more about itineraries, dates and pricing.

Upcoming Events & Tours

As well as our tailored group tours, we run a programme of tours and events which are open to all.  Just book your place and come and join us on the day. They are very social, and usually involve a nice stop for lunch somewhere along the way.

To find out more please check our News & Features section for details.

If you have any questions, or would like to make a booking, please call 07470 366689, or email: mail@pilgrimsandprophets.co.uk

Pilgrims & Prophets is a social partnership of local churches and a not-for-profit organisation. Tours are run at cost price, including insurance. We also provide talks etc for local community groups.

St Lawrence's Church, Snarford


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All Saints Church, Babworth

Our main one day tour starts at the great medieval church of Worksop Priory, looking at its links with the Crusades and the problems of pre-Reformation Christianity before focusing on its vicar in 1600, the influential puritan Richard Bernard. We then contrast his decision not to leave the Church of England with a visit to Babworth, from where Richard Clyfton led his flock first to Scrooby and then the Netherlands. Calling at Scrooby and Austerfield, we then visit Sturton the spiritual epicentre that produced two great Church leaders – John Robinson and John Smyth. We can also offer a two day puritans and pilgrims tour, looking into the origins of the puritans in the region and some of the astonishing memorials they left behind deep in Lincolnshire.


george fox
George Fox

This tour looks at the growing awareness of the spiritual gifts that took place in the mid-1600s in east Lincolnshire, looking at such key figures as Ann Hutchinson. On a second day we can follow the trail of George Fox and the Quakers who brought a ministry of healing and miracles to Nottinghamshire in the 1640s and 1650s.


St Wilfred's Church, Scrooby

This tour can be one or two days. On day 1, we will visit the main sites linked to the puritans and pilgrims, such as Scrooby, including those who went to America and those who returned to England to start new churches. This will include Worksop, with its strong links to the family of Roger Williams of Rhode Island, as well as Babworth, Scrooby etc. On day 2 we will tour the sites in east Lincolnshire associated with John Cotton, Ann Hutchinson, Governor Vane and others  including Captain John Smith of Pocahontas fame.


John Wesley

We can offer one or two day tours covering Wesley’s home town of Epworth, the scene of his great sermons in the medieval Old Hall at Gainsborough, and other sites associated with his preaching.


Baptist Chapel, Monksthorpe

This tour can be one or two days. On day 1 we start at the riverside site where hundreds were baptised in the 7th century, but then we concentrate on the historic places where the first English Baptists were born and lived. These include John Smyth, the first Englishman to be a Baptist pastor, and Thomas Helwys who founded the Baptist Church in England. On day 2 we can go further afield, visiting the historic 300 year old Monksthorpe Baptist chapel and sites associated with influential Baptists such as Hanserd Knollys and Thomas Grantham. There is also an option to spend time with a lively modern Baptist fellowship dating from 1690 or earlier.


Anne Askew Execution
Execution of Anne Askew and John Lassells, 1546

We also offer programmes looking at our great medieval heritage in literature and architecture. Join us for a day of reflection and spiritual depth, or marvel at the inspiring grace of Lincoln Cathedral.

To find out more or to arrange a group tour call: +44 (0)7470 366689

or email: mail@pilgrimsandprophets.co.uk
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