Our Goal

Pilgrims & Prophets is a social enterprise managed by Christians from local churches in Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire. Our goal is to share our region’s rich Christian heritage and celebrate its present day church community and fellowship. We want to help all people – young and old, believers or others – to understand how Christians from this region have shaped the world; through doing this we hope to build local pride in our community and to build links with Christians across the world.

Our Team

Gerard Pontierlectures in business and management at further education colleges and enjoys being engaged in diverse projects like Pilgrims and Prophets. Previously he has been active in mission and community projects in Africa and Europe. He is a descendant of French Huguenots who moved to the Netherlands and since settling in Nottinghamshire, he has been inspired by its long history of Christianity. He is a trustee of Retford Baptist Church.

Adrian Gray is a well known local historian. With an MA in history from Cambridge University, he is the author of more than twenty books including several titles on Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire. He is currently finishing off a book to be called Land of Prophets and Pilgrims and is part of the wider leadership team of Retford Baptist Church.

Rick Berry is one of our guides with a unique passion and enthusiasm for history. Rick is an experienced guide who has worked for Gainsborough Old Hall and the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust, in between working as a Roman soldier in schools! He is a member of Retford Baptist Church.

Maggy Watkins has lectured in health and safety and children’s play at further education colleges. She has also been a manager of a local training company and has a life long interest in history and attends All Saints Church in Babworth. Maggy acts as a guide and handles many of the bookings.

Our Associates

The Well – Retford Baptist Church is one of the oldest Baptist churches in England and can trace its origins back to some of the earliest Nottinghamshire Baptists. Pastored by John and Margaret Brewster, within the last five years it has built a new building on its historic site and seen significant growth. We also work with other interested groups in the region and other tourist agencies.

Janie Berry  A big thank you to Janie Berry for contributing a number of her photographs for our site.

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About Us
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