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Our tours of this unique part of rural England give you the chance to explore how the men and women of rural Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire played their part in the development of Christianity around the world


Stretching from Boston on the coast to Lincoln, Gainsborough and the ‘Pilgrim Country’ around Retford, our area boasts nearly two thousand years of heritage starting from the early Christian Church, the great medieval cathedrals, moving on to Thomas Cranmer and the English Reformation, the Pilgrim Fathers, the origins of the Congregational Church, the first Baptists, the first miracles and martyrs of the Quakers, the origins of Methodism and the Salvation Army, and the modern-day churches.

Sharing The Story

We are a church-based organisation offering a unique blend of expert Christian guided tours, lively and interesting evening historical presentations for groups staying in the area, and the opportunity to meet and fellowship with local Christians if you wish.

We have a passion for this subject because, spiritually, it is our heritage; in place and faith, we are the descendants of those we talk to you about. And it can be your heritage too.

Book Now Available
From Here We Changed The World Book Cover

The latest book from local historian Adrian Gray  delivers “amazing stories of Pilgrims and Rebels from North Nottinghamshire and West Lincolnshire”. It tells the story of how a few people from the area have influenced hundreds of millions of others across the globe, over the last few centuries, and down to the present day. More About This Book

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Land of Pilgrims & Prophets


This is a role-playing ‘adventure game’ style resource for primary schools about the ‘Mayflower’ Pilgrims who fled persecution in England and went to America in 1620. You can download it for free here!

Download Free Mayflower Adventure Game


We are an official Mayflower 400 tour operator and offer guided tours of the principal Mayflower Pilgrim sites in the area of England where they lived. See our Mayflower 400 Tours page.

Mayflower Challenge Game

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The talk which you gave at St. Lawrence’s Church, Snarford was extremely interesting and we were inspired to investigate other churches and areas in the county! Gill & Mike, Lincoln

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